Discover the New Glamorous Perfumes by Claude Marsal Inspired for the Strong and Independent Women

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Here at Claude Marsal Perfumes, our mission is simple, yet complex: to develop high-quality fragrance products that exceed our customer’s expectations. We are passionate about our creations. We are dedicated to our craft. We are mindful of the environment. We are loyal to our business partners. We are motivated to succeed. We are persistent in growth. And, we are committed to our vision.

So far, our Company has produced 10 amazing women’s perfumes and 9 intriguing men’s fragrances. We have since launched 2 complementary women’s body creams and 3 men’s harmonious aftershaves. All are inspired by the composure of intricate, elegant, and aromatic scents that create a masterpiece. This is the congruence of composing a musical overture.

Claude Marsal Perfumes are again excited to introduce two new women’s scents (bringing our total women’s perfumes to twelve) to our product offerings, La Guitare and La Musique. Both are again Eau de Parfums manufactured with delicate and inspirational accords and are of 24% pure fragrance oil to be more refined, with longer tenacity, and have more sillage.

La Guitare is a perfume for powerful and confident women with inner courage, she who was born to rule the world; majesty and brilliance are the true definitions of this perfume. Truly a luxury scent that incorporates these opulent notes: Egyptian green apple, Italian bergamot, and Turkish rose. It belongs to the fruity and floral fragrance family.

La Musique is an explosive, luxury, and erotic perfume. It is for women who are daring and unique but also refined and glamorous. Opening with a delicate introduction, but sustained in its presence, an infusion of freesia, peony, tuberose, cashmere wood, and musk compose this sophisticated fragrance. Floral, Woody, and Musky is its fragrance family.

Claude Marsal Perfumes will launch these two Eau de Parfums at select fine retailers throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It is already available for pre-order on our website.

Since 2016, we have been driven to be an industry leader in quality, distribution, and customer service. These two new introductions will be further your confidence in our brand, Claude Marsal Perfumes.

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